Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight

Continuing with the series on how to meditate, weight loss fits right in. Much overeating and eating unhealthy foods comes from stress. Stress reduction is an important part of losing weight. Listening to this relaxation method is a way to lose weight by reducing your stress. It will also help you to have more natural energy so your desire to eat unhealthy foods decreases.

When people say to me, "Help me lose weight," I say in many different ways eat less, eat nutritious foods, move your body more. The key in how to lose weight is to get the motivation to do these things. The mindfulness based meditation recording helps with your motivation.

This weight loss meditation recording uses the knowledge from more than 20 years of working with weight loss in Houston. The imaging suggested activates your unconscious in creating the body you want. It guides you through the steps needed to achieve and maintain your goal of weight loss.

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