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Donna is available for individual sessions to help you any of your life concerns that you would like to change. She is skilled in hypnosis, EMDR, the Journey, and Belief Change techniques. She has worked with clients in private practice since 1988 learning, developing, and using techniques that allow people to move more quickly into change in their lives.

Her specialty is guiding people into the altered state of awareness that allows change to occur more quickly whether the issue is weight loss, relationship problems, addictions, physical illness, spiritual blocks, creative blocks, lack of self esteem, problems with developing mindfulness based meditation practice, or anxiety.

Deirdre Davis Brigham in her book Imagery for Getting Well talks about 4 ways that change occurs.

One is affecting the way time, events, and relations intersect with our consciousness, our concept of who we are.

Two is creating a shift in the personal mythology in the path that one takes.

Three is a deliberate and conscious ritual of connecting with the cell of the body through consciousness, with the goal of changing oneís physiology.

Four is a self generated formal act that carries one into a sacred space (a space where the therapist and client have the intent to seek meaning and transcendence.)

Hypnosis and EMDR are ways to create the changes. As Deirdre talks about the 4 steps she begins to use some of the same words that Ernest Rossi, PhD uses in his discussion about current mind body research. He says that research from as far back as the 90's show that experiences of novelty, enrichment, exercise (both mental and physical activity) turn dependent gene expression on which increases brain plasticity, modulates the immune system, and activates stem cells throughout the body. He continues in his interview published by in 2009 to talk about how therapeutic hypnosis activates these processes.

Therapeutic hypnosis and EMDR can be used to change the way that time, events, and relationships intersect with our consciousness and therefore our concepts of who we are. They can help to create a shift in our personal mythology that determines how we move along our path. They are rituals that are used for the deliberate and conscious connecting with the cells in our body to change our physiology that leads to both physical and emotional healing. They can be used to touch into the sacred area that brings us to a sense of transcendence where change can more easily occur. One of the ways that this change occurs is in the creation of new neural networks that carry different messages to create more life enhancing behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

Change is possible, take some time for yourself to open into all that you can be.

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