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Donna has been working with relaxation, mindfulness, and meditation techniques since 1988 when she went in to private practice as a psychotherapist. She had previously worked in a psychiatric hospital on a unit that dealt with mental illness and alcohol and drug addiction. With many clients she found that anxiety was a key component if not the primary component for many clients. In her study of meditation techniques and hypnosis she learned that a person cannot be relaxed and anxious at the same time. This has led to the creation of her relaxation methods that are effective tools for mindfulness based meditation and stress reduction.

Donna has worked as a psychotherapist in Houston, Texas since 1988 using hypnosis, meditation techniques, and EMDR. All of these have helped her clients to move more quickly toward resolution of their issues than just talk therapy alone. She has helped many clients to lose weight, stop smoking, improve their relationships, reduce their stress, and become less anxious. Her approach includes talking with the new client first to learn about the clientís inner reality before she decides which technique or combination of techniques to use.

Since anxiety is major component for many issues that clients want help with Donna began to ask, "What is anxiety?" She found a useful definition and outline for working with anxiety in David Barlow's book, Anxiety and Its Disorders.

His working definition of anxiety is:
Anxiety is a diffuse cognitive affective structure consisting of a negative feedback cycle characterized to varying degrees by components of high negative affect, a sense of both internal and external events proceeding in an unpredictable, uncontrollable fashion with a following maladaptive shifts in attention.

He then goes on to call this "Apprehensive Arousal". Donna has created an outline from his concept of apprehensive arousal that she uses with clients to help them understand how the anxiety increases and how to use this information to decrease their anxiety. One of the components of anxiety is the sense of events proceeding in an uncontrollable way. Knowing how it happens and how to change the process makes it much more controllable and predictable.

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